Busy time of year...


It's all go at the moment, preparing work for winter exhibitions at some wonderful galleries.

Late October 60cm x 60cm acrylic and soft pastel. SOLD

I am often guided by the seasons, and my work reflect the changes. With my new series of winter paintings I've introduced warm ambers and pinks using soft pastels along side the acrylic. Having always enjoyed mark making with charcoal, the soft pastels have been a delight for a change.

Hazy Shade of Winter 60cm x 60cm acrylic and soft pastel.

Early One Morning 30cm x 30cm acrylic and soft pastel. SOLD

 Winter Garden ( at first light) 100cm x 100cm acrylic and soft pastel. SOLD



Autumnal images

I love these seedheads. they remind me of a candelabra....

Euonymus Planipes....beautiful lanterns.

Beauty in decay.



Moving gently into Autumn

Soon we will be moving gently into September, October. The leaves will be turning, rich scarlet, russet, and gold. The light starts to fade and I love to light candles, eat hearty stews and drink red wine or cup my hands around steaming hot not all bad!

Patterns formed by fallen dead sweet chestnut flowers

I find beauty in the decline of plants, the wonderful shapes formed by drying seed heads, the patterns from fallen leaves so much to inspire.....




I love beachcombing.... looking for that special stone with a hole or piece of smooth weathered glass....

Beachcombing - 70cm x 50cm - available at Foss Fine Art - Battersea - London -- Summer Mixed Exhibition - Aldeburgh - Suffolk 9- 14 August - 2013  




Summer Farrago

This painting Red Garden II along with more will be on show at Highgate Contemporary Art London ''Summer Farrago'' Exhibition from July the 3rd until the 8th 0f September.


Red Garden II 100cm x 100 cm

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