Down by the seaside.....

It's been a successful exhibition at Aldeburgh in Suffolk with Foss Fine Art.

Beach Garden II  60cm X 60cm  SOLD ..... one of the sold paintings..


I do love to be beside the seaside.....

I've been down to the Suffolk coast recently....

I love the sounds... the smells... the pebbly beaches...even the grey blue north sea!

 Pebble Beach 60cm x 60cm SOLD


I see beauty in their demise....and hope in their regeneration....


Lillian's Garden I 20cm x 20cm SOLD

Lillian's Garden II 20cm x 20cm SOLD

As my work develops it has become more about shapes, motifs, textures and mark making.

I am fascinated by the skeletal shapes of seed heads, of flowers as they degenerate and fade.

I see a beauty in their demise....and hope in their regeneration....


A new year, a new exhibition.

It's been an exciting beginning to the new year. Starting with a very successful exhibition in Mayfair, London. My work was part of a unique collection of wonderful paintings and sculpture, hosted by Pepper Gallery. Owner Beatrice Ridley, herself an accomplished artist, put together a vibrant, eclectic mix of sensational works.

Watch this space.....

Step Inside 100cm x100cm  one of my paintings from the exhibition.



The Frustrations of Painting

''Anyone that witness my agitation and frustration in the final hour of painting would wonder why I bother'' David Oleski

At times it can feel like a battle, you can spend hours working and re-working a painting, stepping back from the canvas trying to see where it's falling into place and where it's not.

It's a balancing act. Seeing if one colour works with another, whether I need to do some mark making, or scraping in. With abstract painting there's alot of decision making to be made, it's an emotional roller coaster of self expression... it can be exhausting.

There are happy accidents, when maybe you scrape a colour away revealing another underneath creating texture, history of previous work peeping through....these are the fun exciting things that can happen through this often frustrating experience.

Sometimes I'll put down a brave colour; when a painting isn't going the way I would like, I'd lay down a bold pink or red, and it can totally transform a flagging painting.

But in the end it's a wonderful feeling when it starts to go right, fall into place, then the hard bit is knowing when to walk away.

The Big Pink. Stephanie Stow.  80cm x 120cm  The Big Pink is now part of Addenbrooke's Hospital Art Collection. 2015.

Sometimes I put down a brave colour.