Why I love Abstract painting

It wasn't until I first saw a Willem De Kooning painting in the flesh so to speak, that I understood that abstract painting is more about the marks, textures,and thickness of paint on the canvas, than the subject.....Although a painting has to have a starting point of reference be it from an object or idea. De Kooning was famous for his nude women, but when I saw the energy, gestural vibrancy and richness of colour and his mark making with sections of the canvas itself showing through playing a part in it's own right. For me as a painter I became completely absorbed in abstract painting and knew that It was how I wanted to paint, I particularly loved the American Abstract Expressionists.

I later became interested in the English  painter Patrick Heron who has had a profound influence on my work. As have many other artist too numerous to mention.

In some respect abstract painting is a selfish act, the doing is a lot of the pleasure, the end result is paramount but the doing is were the passion is made.

Two figures in a landscape 1967 Willem De Kooning


Inspiration is never far away....

My art is influenced by my mood, the changing seasons...even the changes in light. I struggle in the winter, but now as the light slowly starts to stay with us a little longer and the idea of spring is not far away I feel a new need to paint. Inspiration is never far away.....



Ideas and inspiration for paintings

Everywhere you look there is so much to excite the imagination....this modern garden with it's boulders, trimmed topiary and silver grey trunks of the trees evoke to me an image for a modern painting. By abstracting the image and stripping it down.. one is left with shapes and lines that can be developed.


welcome to my new website

here I will be telling you about up and coming exhibitions, also letting you know about new paintings and the trails and tribulations of being an artist

my inspirations and observations

one of my favorite sculptures by the wonderful barbara hepworth - family of man

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